MeshPlot Class Reference

A class representing plots based on points, edges, cells etc. More...

#include <qwt3d_meshplot.h>

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SurfacePlot Plot3D ExtGLWidget

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class  MeshData

Public Member Functions

 MeshPlot (QWidget *parent=0, const QGLWidget *shareWidget=0)
bool appendDataSet (Qwt3D::TripleField const &data, Qwt3D::CellField const &poly)
int facets () const

Protected Member Functions

void createNormals ()
void drawEnrichment (Qwt3D::Enrichment &p)
void createOpenGlData ()

Detailed Description

A MeshPlot is more general compared with a GridPlot, in providing surface elements built not from a fixed rectangular grid. There is a cost, as usual. In this case, it means efficiency.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MeshPlot ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
const QGLWidget *  shareWidget = 0 

Initializes with dataNormals()==false, NOFLOOR, resolution() == 1

Member Function Documentation

bool appendDataSet ( Qwt3D::TripleField const &  data,
Qwt3D::CellField const &  poly 

Convert user (non-rectangular) mesh based data to internal structure. See also Qwt3D::TripleField and Qwt3D::CellField

int facets (  )  const

Number of cells

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