Arrow Class Reference

3D vector field. More...

#include <qwt3d_enrichment_std.h>

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Public Member Functions

Qwt3D::Enrichmentclone () const
void configure (int segs, double relconelength, double relconerad, double relstemrad)
void setQuality (int val)
void draw (Qwt3D::Triple const &)
void setTop (Qwt3D::Triple t)
void setColor (Qwt3D::RGBA rgba)

Detailed Description

The class encapsulates a vector field including his OpenGL representation as arrow field. The arrows can be configured in different aspects (color, shape, painting quality).

Member Function Documentation

void configure ( int  segs,
double  relconelength,
double  relconerad,
double  relstemrad 

segs number of faces for the fields arrows (see the gallery for examples)
relconelength see picture
relconerad see picture
relstemrad see picture

void setQuality ( int  val  )  [inline]

Set the number of faces for the arrow.

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