ParallelEpiped Struct Reference

Parallelepiped spanned by 2 Triples. More...

#include <qwt3d_types.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ParallelEpiped ()
 ParallelEpiped (Triple minv, Triple maxv)

Public Attributes

Triple minVertex
Triple maxVertex

Detailed Description

Please use normalized Parallelepipeds:

minVertex.x <= maxVertex.x
minVertex.y <= maxVertex.y
minVertex.z <= maxVertex.z

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParallelEpiped (  )  [inline]

Construct non-initialized Parallelepiped.

ParallelEpiped ( Triple  minv,
Triple  maxv 
) [inline]

Construct initialized Parallelepiped.

minv -> minVertex
maxv -> maxVertex

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