Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Arrow3D vector field
AutoScalerABC for autoscaler
AxisAutoscalable axis with caption
BallThe Ball Style
ColorAbstract base class for color functors
ColorLegendA flat color legend
ConeThe Cone Style
CoordinateSystemA coordinate system with different styles (BOX, FRAME)
CrossHairThe Cross Hair Style
DotThe Point Style
DrawableABC for Drawables
EdgeEnrichmentAbstract base class for edge dependent visible user objects
EnrichmentAbstract base class for data dependent visible user objects
ExtGLWidgetAn enhanced QGLWidget
FreeVectorFree vector
FunctionAbstract base class for mathematical functions
GridMappingAbstract base class for mappings acting on rectangular grids
GridPlotA class representing grid-generated surfaces
KeyboardStateThis class creates a (key-button,modifier) pair
LabelA Qt string or an output device dependent string
LinearAutoScalerAutomatic beautifying of linear scales
LinearScaleThe standard (1:1) mapping class for axis numbering
LogScaleLog10 scale
MappingAbstract base class for general mappings
MeshPlotA class representing plots based on points, edges, cells etc
MouseStateThis class creates a (mouse-button,modifier) pair
ParallelEpipedParallelepiped spanned by 2 Triples
ParametricSurfaceAbstract base class for parametric surfaces
PixmapWriterProvides Qt's Pixmap output facilities
Plot3DBase class for all plotting widgets
qwt3d_ptr< T >Simple Auto pointer providing deep copies for raw pointer
RGBARed-Green-Blue-Alpha value
StandardColorStandard color model for Plot3D - implements the data driven operator()(double x, double y, double z)
SurfacePlotA class representing Surfaces
TripleTriple [x,y,z]
TupleTuple [x,y]
UserEnrichmentAbstract base class for user-defined visible user objects
VectorWriterProvides EPS, PS, PDF and TeX output
VertexEnrichmentAbstract base class for vertex dependent visible user objects

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