GridMapping Class Reference

Abstract base class for mappings acting on rectangular grids.

#include <qwt3d_gridmapping.h>

Inheritance diagram for GridMapping:

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Public Member Functions

 GridMapping ()
void setMesh (unsigned int columns, unsigned int rows)
void setDomain (double minu, double maxu, double minv, double maxv)
void restrictRange (Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped const &)

Protected Attributes

Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped range_p
unsigned int umesh_p
unsigned int vmesh_p
double minu_p
double maxu_p
double minv_p
double maxv_p

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GridMapping (  ) 

Constructs GridMapping object w/o assigned SurfacePlot.

Member Function Documentation

void setMesh ( unsigned int  columns,
unsigned int  rows 

Sets number of rows and columns.

void setDomain ( double  minu,
double  maxu,
double  minv,
double  maxv 

Sets u-v domain boundaries.

void restrictRange ( Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped const &   ) 

Restrict the mappings range to the parallelepiped.

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